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We are an alternative investment firm with

a track record of
delivering alpha

We employ innovative strategies that

exploit market

Our unique sources of return enhance and

DIVERSIFY traditional

About Maplewood

Maplewood Capital is an alternative asset management firm with a simple mission — delivering superior, risk-adjusted returns with low correlation to traditional asset classes. We are committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations by focusing on downside protection, capital preservation, and aligning our interests with our investors. Our experienced investment team has a compelling track record of delivering alpha in the firm’s two investment strategies: Direct Investments and Absolute Return.

Direct Investments

An opportunistic, value-driven approach to capitalize on complex, misunderstood, or off-the-run opportunities with asymmetrical risk/reward characteristics in both small-cap public and private equities. We believe compelling opportunities often result from emotional reactions to transitory events that cause market price to materially deviate from underlying intrinsic value.

Absolute Return

A disciplined, systematic approach to investing across a broad range of markets with the objective of delivering positive returns with low correlation to traditional asset classes. We believe portfolios built around rigorous diversification and dynamic risk management can minimize uncompensated risk and deliver more consistent results for our clients.